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Events Calendar

First Annual RCN meeting
February 9, 2014
Galveston, TX

XVth European Society for Evolutionary Biology
August 10th-14th 2015
Lausanne, Switzerland
The meeting will include a symposium on "Emerging Models in Evolutionary and Ecological Neurobiology"

Second Annual RCN Meeting
February 6-8, 2015
University of Texas at Austin
Austin, TX

Annual Meeting of the Society for Social Neuroscience
October 16, 2015, Chicago Illinois
Hyatt Regency Chicago (Downtown)

Third Annual RCN Meeting
May 6, 2016
Atlanta, GA
Held in conjunction with the Center for Behavioral Neuroscience Symposium

Efforts to understand nervous system structure and function have received new impetus from the federal Brain Research through Advancing Innovative Neurotechnologies (BRAIN) Initiative. Comparative analyses can contribute to this effort by leading to the discovery of general principles of neural circuit design, information processing, and gene-structure-function relationships that are not apparent from studies on single species.
Georg F. Striedter, T. Grant Belgard, Chun-Chun Chen, Fred P. Davis, Barbara L. Finlay, Onur Güntürkün, Melina E. Hale, Julie A. Harris, Erin E. Hecht, Patrick R. Hof, Hans A. Hofmann, Linda Z. Holland, Andrew N. Iwaniuk, Erich D. Jarvis, Harvey J. Karten